Fit for a Bride is owned and operated by Debi, with over 40 years of sewing, designing and overall experiance in Bridal and Special Occasion Fashion.

Our company has been family owned and operated for over 38 years, starting in California and continuing in Las vegas, Nevada for the past 15 years.

Come and let us prepare your gown or dress for your incredibly special spotlight moment. Your Wedding day or your special occasion is like casting a roll of glamour and happy memories, with a true Hollywood spotlight, no matter how small or large the occasion is, or how simple to how extravagant your dress is!

Let us help you with finding, creating and/or preparing your gown or dress for your Glamour day. A day made up of beauty, a little sexy, and always, incredible class.

Established in 1982

Please note: Days and times may vary and/or change occasionally, so please come visit only by appointment or reservation.

Customer service:

Office : 702-260-6578
Monday - Sunday 10:00 to 6:00

Mobile: 702-426-2566 (SMS available)

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