Custom Gowns

Custom Gowns

Let our Custom Gown room and designer team help you create the Gown of your Dreams.

After years of hearing our Brides say they just couldn’t find the Gown they wanted so they settled with the one that came the closest and then come to us to make changes to It., usually adding up to a large additional cost over there purchased price. We decided to add Custom made Gowns to our Glamour studio.

With already 40 years of specializing on Gown alterations and or modifications, as well as designing experience, were excited to help our Brides get exactly what they want, right from the beginning. Keeping their overall cost low because we measure them so there Gown is customized for their body type/shape. No more additional customization or alteration costs!

With our complete designer team. You get personalized attention from the best!

  • Experienced seamstress and gown designer for your consultant.
  • Beautiful rendered Gown drawings
  • Designer fabrics
  • Couture construction

This is a perfect set of tools needed to help you get the gown of your dreams! You do not need to just settle any more, and you will be pleasantly surprised on how inexpensive your own creation can be.

Here’s a few of really good reasons for creating your own Gown:

  • You want a very unreasonable priced high couture Gown on your very reasonable budget.
  • Want a themed Gown.
  • Can’t find the color you want.
  • Your favorite Gown has been discontinued.
  • Can’t find the right style/shape for extra tall, or petite short, or that beautiful va-va-voom body-type.
  • Just want to be original, with that walk down the aisle.
  • Want to pay one price, with no additional alteration costs, because you’re measured by a professional dress making seamstress.

No matter what your reason is, call now for your free consultation appointment.
702-260-6578 or 702-426-2566