Wedding Gown Alterations, Steaming and Cleaning Services

Fit for a Bride in Las vegas, Nevada, offers alteration,preservation, and cleaning services for special occasion garments,Including wedding gowns,bridesmaids dresses, Quinceanera dresses, and more. We work with wedding garments and special occasion garments only. This way, you and your garments are our only priority.


For polyester fabrics, we use a wet wash procedure. No chemical smell or damage, melting beadwork, no washers or dryers. They get hand cleaned in a separate container and hung to dry. However , for some 100% silk gowns, we may send them to a specialized silk cleaner.


We clean your gown with the same procedures as in the cleaning department than package it, using acid free tissue paper, in a windowed preservation box. We will even pick up your gown after your wedding, preserve it and ship it home.


We know current fashion, so we can alter your gown with your precise vision in mind. Able to make any alteration or modification to almost any garment, we welcome your ideas, and the challenges they bring. From a simple hem to a complete remodel, we will give full attention and care to you and your garment. We pride ourselves on giving you the best results possible.

For more information about our cleaning, preservation and alteration services,contact us today.