Alterations Guidelines

If your needs do not fall into any of these guidelines, please reach out to us and we will work with you….702-260-6578

Fittings: ( For Wedding Gowns )

There will be at least 2 fittings for simple alterations, but up to 4 or more for alterations that require a numerous amount of work and/or many steps that are involved., to make it perfect!

Prices: ( For customizing/modifications and or Alterations )

Each Gown has its own pricing structure, its based on the Gown/dress detail, fabric and overall design and construction.

We offer a Free no obligation price quote.

Timing: ( For alteration/customizing ..start to finish )

We prefer to start basic alterations for wedding gowns, 3 months before ..Wedding date/Deadline date for pictures or traveling.

For customization…3 to 5 months. ( any project that is not a basic alteration.)

Please note: We are able to complete alterations/modifications within a shorter period of time , if necessary, but it may occur a rush charge, which will be noted at your 1st price consultation.

Losing weight : ( If your on a diet )

Stick to our timing schedule, we will not finish the seams until up to the last fitting, closer to the wedding date.

Note: No additional cost will be added for this accommodation, if its on the original price quote.

Needed for 1st fitting:

The Gown, and You:)…shoes if a hem is required. ( no need to purchase a bra, or slip in advance ).

Train Bustle: ( Getting the train up for the reception )

Even though we use top of the line products to try and assure your Gown train will stay bustled, we cannot guarantee it. Your activity with it bustled at the wedding/reception may cause more stress on it than the fabric can handle ( Have safety pins on hand )

Replacing a zipper for a tie up corset back: ( common if a Gown is 3 to 4 inches to small )

We can put a corset in almost any Gown, but sometimes the gown style does not adhere to it, so send us a picture or come in for a consultation.

Gown cleaning: ( For deep solid gowns purchased used )

We can deep clean your Gown before your wedding. Procedure takes approx one full week , but prefer up to weeks .

Gown steaming:

This procedure is for freshening up your Gown fabric and removing the wrinkles ( does not clean it ), If your Gown needs a spot cleaning for minor spots, we can do that after your alteration fittings are complete, during the steaming.


We require a deposit of ½ of the total alteration ticket/accessory purchases before starting any alterations and/or custom orders. ,a discount may be available if ticket is payed in full at first appt/fitting.

The balance is due when the alteration is complete, on your final fitting appointment.

Please note: We accept all credit/debit cards, and cash…no checks please.

Days/Hours :

We operate by advance reservations/appointments only. , we are not open for walk ins.

Days and hours are noted on our website ( they change per season )…or mood.(lol)

You are welcome to schedule your appointment online on our web for your convenience. , or call us during normal open hours to schedule a appointment…702-260-6578